How do I add sellers to my raffle?

Successful raffles often require a number of people to sell the tickets. The TEAM MEMBERS tab lets Raffle Managers manage that team by adding other Raffle Managers to their organization, and adding and removing Ticket Sellers. For ONLINE sales, the names of the team members added to a raffle will show up on the public raffle page in the Ticket Sellers drop-down list.

The raffle manager will always appear as a seller.

If there are only a few people to add, this can be done one-by-one, using the ADD MANAGERS and ADD SELLERS links. If there are many, they can be uploaded from a spreadsheet in CSV format. If an organization runs several raffles over time, team members from previous raffles don’t need to be added again – just invited back to participate in the new raffle.

Sellers who are added but not actually invited will not appear on the drop-down list. They must be added and also invited.

Team members from past raffles cannot be removed. Members do need to be invited to each new raffle; if you do not want all the same sellers, you will not want to invite those people. It can cause issues if the same team member is invited more than once, say, with slightly different emails or spellings of the name.

If a buyer selects the wrong team member from the drop-down menu, or does not choose one at all, you can contact our customer support to get that updated.  We can credit the correct seller and send a new receipt to that buyer.