Selecting a Winner

If your raffle is online, the raffle manager can “tell” the system to select a winner after the draw date.  This is done on the raffle dashboard under the Winners tab.  You will click on “Award Prize” and then our system will select a random winner for you from all sales entered, both online sales and cash sales. If you have more than 1 prize, you would select one winner at a time until all prizes have been awarded.  When you do this, Raffle River updates your public raffle page with that information automatically.  That entry is taken out of the running for subsequent prizes.

If your raffle is for physical ticket sales, Raffle River will not select the winner for you.

When physical tickets are sold, the stubs are placed into a container (often called “the fish bowl”, or “the hat”), and then selected randomly. In this case, each Winner Name must be entered manually by a Raffle Manager, associated to the Prize they won, selected from the drop-down. The Email, Phone, and Address fields are all optional, based on the needs of the raffle to gather that data.

If you are having online sales and want to draw the winner yourself, you can do that by simply not telling our system to select that winner for you.  Then you will need to find a way to get all of the buyers’ names in the drawing you do.  The raffle manager will be able to export a spreadsheet of all customers for this purpose if necessary.