Tracking In-Person Ticket Sales

As a Raffle Manager, simply log in click on My Raffles > select a raffle > click Ticket Sales. This will bring up your Ticket Seller Leaderboard. Here you can view the ticket seller’s rankings, as well as a sales meter of your sales goal. You can also view weekly or daily ticket sales, and view the most recent sales. As a manager you can also export the most recent sales as a spreadsheet, or .csv format.

If you are a ticket seller, you can log in to your account, click on My Raffles > select a raffle which will bring you right to the Ticket Seller Leaderboard. To view your personal sales, click on Ticket Sales. You can view, edit, and enter ticket sales. To enter new sales, simply click on Enter Ticket Sale. This will bring you to a page where you can enter your ticket sales. You can do this individually or with a range of numbers if a buyer has purchased more than one ticket.

For example: If Jane Smith purchased 5 tickets, you would enter the first and last ticket numbers sold, such as 241-245.

You will also have a chance to enter the amount collected, date sold, and the ticket buyer’s contact information. You can even send your ticket buyers receipts for their charitable purchases.