Create a New Raffle

To create a new raffle, select the Create A Raffle link. You will be asked to confirm or create your organizations information and add the details of your raffle.

You can select how people will be able to buy tickets to your raffle: Online, In-Person, or Both. The total number of tickets should be equal to the number of total tickets between all ticket sellers for the entire raffle. Remember, you can edit this number as the raffle progresses if you realize you are going to sell more/less tickets than you first expected. You may set a raffle sales goal which will appear on the sales meter on your raffle page, your raffle dashboard, and your organizations page.

You may also add as many prizes as you like by selecting the add prize button. To delete a prize mouse-over the prize and click the delete button. You may upload a raffle image(s) which will be displayed on the raffle page (many people elect to upload pictures of the prizes and grand prize such as a car, vacation destination etc.). You will be able to make as many changes as you want or scrap the raffle before you Publish.

When your raffle has ended, you can enter the prize winners or have Raffle River randomly select winners for you.