Invite Ticket Sellers

Raffle River helps you create a community of volunteers to help with your raffle and encourages ticket sellers to participate. Each ticket seller may report their own sales, view the ticket seller leaderboard, and share the public raffle page on their social networks. However, ticket sellers will not have access to edit your organization info or your raffles (if you would like to grant them full access, add them as a raffle manager instead). You can manually enter each ticket seller from the Team Members page. Or, if you have a list of sellers, you can quickly upload a CSV file to add them all at once.

Once ticket sellers have been invited they will receive an email invitation they can log in and start reporting their ticket sales. From My Raffles you can select a raffle and Invite Sellers from the Team Members section. Check the contacts you would like to invite, then confirm you would like to send email invitations. Invitations sent to new sellers will include login information so they can create an account and start reporting sales.