My Raffles Dashboard

My Raffles is your place to visit if you want to find a raffle and get a quick overview of how well your raffles are performing. Each raffle has it’s own dashboard with a sales meter chart showing you how well your raffle tickets are selling relative to your specified goals. Setting goals is important because you can easily share sales progress with all your organization members and get them personally involved in the process to hit the goal. The sales meter will also appear on your raffle page, so be sure to keep sales progress up to date. To get sales charts on your dashboard, you will need to be sure you have completed all of the following steps.

Start A Raffle: Click the Create Raffle link and enter the required raffle information.

Set Up Goals: While creating your new raffle, you will be asked to enter a ticket sales goal. This is the sales goal that will appear on your sales meter on the dashboard page and raffle page.

Report Sales: Select the Ticket Sales link and enter information on tickets sold for your raffle. The charts on the dashboard will update throughout the raffle as you report new sales or as tickets are sold.