About Raffle River

Raffle River is the first and only free online application designed to help you effectively manage your raffle. With Raffle River, you have a powerful set of tools available to manage your raffle from start to finish. Raffle River serves as a communication platform between your ticket sellers, ticket buyers, and raffle administrators. View an easy-to-interpret raffle dashboard, generate powerful reports, create insightful sales charts, and manage your raffle in real time with ease and accuracy.

Raffle River makes tracking sales fun and easy! In as few as three steps you can set up your organization’s raffle page. Easily customize your raffle page and add all your ticket sellers. Then, create friendly competition by allowing your sellers to post their own sales to your ticket seller leader board. Sales meters show your raffle’s progress, and you can showcase all your sponsors by adding their logos to the public raffle page.

Share your raffle on Facebook and Twitter for the great exposure social media brings you. Use Raffle River again and again for all of your raffles; your information will be saved and available to you at all times.